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Ross did not agree to the acquisition proposal, but thinks Carl's proposal is of great reference value. As soon as it hit it off, the two began to communicate frequently as the fBitcoin iconounder of the Silk Road DPR and the big drug lord Nob. Slowly Karl also played the role of Ross mentor. Not only did he discuss the creation of a website parallel to the Silk Road, MastersofSilkRoad, the latter also established the website's Bitcoin payment center server in Iceland under Karl's suggestion.

Bitcoin can store wealth, and mining is a way of storing wealth. Mining is to store electricity resources, which is wealth, in the form of Bitcoin. People have a lot of abandoned power stations, especially the hydropower in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. A lot of power stations are wasted and used. The State Grid does not collect this electricity, and this wealth will be wasted. With Bitcoin, these wealth can be stored.

According to the data in the Omni browser, almost all token circulation is now USDT circulation, with an average daily transaction volume of 10,000. The USDT based on the Omni protocol and the ERC20 protocol is accounted by BTC and ETH miners during the transfer process. Every USDT transfer is recorded in the blockchain, which has strong security and stability.

Another issue that everyone is concerned about is whether git and Github will be included in the embargo. First of all, we must distinguish that git and github are two completely different things. Git is an open source software code version control system. As mentioned above, it is completely free. Github is a commercial company that provides git hosting services, so Github may indeed not provide services in certain regions due to legal requirements. For example, North Korean IPs cannot access Github. But this does not seem to be a problem for users at all. After all, most of the 100 websites with the largest traffic in the world cannot be accessed by users.

In addition, the adjusted circulation supply of Bitcoin shows that due to the loss of Bitcoin, the total supply of Bitcoin will only be around 16 million (instead of the expected 21 million). As demand from institutional investors is also high, the supply of BTC may continue to be restricted, paving the way for further price increases.

The data released by Skew shows that since the end of April, the trading volume of the Bitcoin futures market on major exchanges has remained at a relatively high leBitcoin iconvel. In the past two weeks, there have been three trading days and the volume of goods has reached a record high except for the extreme market on March 113. Beyond the peak level, in addition, the volume data has closed above the long-term average level for more than a week.

On September 18th, CITIC International Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CITIC International Assets) and Yinhe Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinhe Asset Management) signed an agreement, through the equity investment and business reorganization of Yinhe Asset Management, with the help of the issued Asset token WIT (WealthinToken) and its management and control system will officially enter the digital asset management business field. After receiving the resources and license support from the new shareholders, Galaxy Asset Management will accelerate the expansion of asset tokenization in Hong Kong, operate in compliance with regulations, and develop comprehensively.