Lightning Bitcoin

Lightning Bitcoin

"I personally feel that Bitcoin is still very difficult to value. The key is to estimate by what (type), currency or assets. If currency depends on the value of its corresponding economy, assets depend on scarcity or future cash flow, etc. "Fang FLightning Bitcoinang, an analyst in the securities industry, believes that Bitcoin does not currently have a proper valuation method, so institutions cannot invest in it.

When the indicator is high, it means that most of the Bitcoin market value is composed of unrealized gains, and investors do not cash in the gains in time, indicating that investor sentiment is more greedy; on the contrary, when the indicator is low, it means that unrealized losses account for When it comes to a large proportion of Bitcoin's market value, investment sentiment is more panic.

MolochDAO tries to promote ETH0 in the model of a decentralized autonomous organization. One of the hallmarks of ETH0 is the realization of the POS mechanism. Industry analyst Selkis predicts that ETH will still maintain the POW mechanism for "at least two to three years", and that ETH's transition from POW to POS will "take much longer than anyone expected." This has also become the driving force behind the birth of MolochDAO, and promote the development of the ETH ecosystem, so that "work is rewarded." This is significantly different from previous decentralized and voluntary developer organizations (such as the ETH project in Github). MolochDAO has increased access, withdrawal, proposal and voting rights, and contributors enjoy benefits that roughly match their contributions, similar to A "POW" mechanism for corporate operation.

Daniel: HBTC and oBTC are cross-chain assets, which carry the cross-chain work from BTC to Ethereum. BTC is mortgaged on the BTC side and ERC20BTC is issued on Ethereum 1:1. Different cross-chain schemes have potential issuance caps, and each scheme has its own unique advantages. The main work of acBTC is to combine ERC20BTC generated by different cross-chain schemes in a safe and efficient way on the Ethereum side. The benefits of this are that one can subsidize users' cross-chain costs through the built-in swap, interest-bearing and loan agreements; the other is to help the underlying cross-chain assets to enter the application scenario more conveniently, and solve the problem of current ERC20BTC application scenario split.

But more importantly, do not exaggerate the impact of such competition. The main reason for this change is that since October 14th, Bitfinex (the same manager and holder of Tether) has transferred 800 million USDT to a company-controlled wallet, which is Tether's financial library.

Barclays Bank was first exposed in April this year of the cryptocurrency trading platform plan. At the time, they wanted toLightning Bitcoin assess the potential demand for cryptocurrencies from hedge funds and other large investors. Although the bank denied the plan, there is news that they have preliminary assessment results.

After the BCH fork, to celebrate the successful upgrade of BitcoinABC and survived the fork, ABC supporters conducted a live broadcast. ABC chief developer Amaury Séchet also participated in the live broadcast. He said that according to public data, BCH mining pool CoinGeek is now likely to be preparing to launch an attack on the ABC chain. He said that after the fork, they still have 2exahash computing power that has not been put into use.

"The market depth of many domestic exchanges is not enough. For example, if you buy a few hundred or even dozens of bitcoins, the market price will rise by 1.2 to 1. But if you pass the off-exchange delivery, you must determine how much it rises and fix it. At a price, your delivery volume has nothing to do with the market. Excluding the market fluctuations caused by exchange transactions, then big buyers can buy coins at relatively cheap prices. If these big buyers are on the exchange If they buy coins internally, the cost of their one-time purchase will increase by about 10% to 20%.” Max explained why these big buyers are more willing to trade off the counter.

Issuance and transactions use the Omni protocol: USDT issuance and transactions use the Omni protocol, and Omni currency can be said to be the first zero currency on the market based on the Bitcoin blockchain, so the USDT transaction confirmation and other parameters are consistent with Bitcoin is consistent. Later, the ERC20 standard USDT launched is equivalent to the tokens on the ETH chain.

The code is expected to be activated sometime in the last week of February, specifically at block 7,280,000. The core developers of Ethereum believe that the Constantinople upgrade will not fail this time. Hudson Jameson, the developer relations handler of the Ethereum Foundation, told CoinDesk:

Shift, another cryptocurrency debit card available in the United States, allows users to bind their Coinbase account. The Visa card does not charge a maintenance fee, but everyLightning Bitcoin international transaction requires a 3% handling fee. At the same time, ATM withdrawals in the United States need to pay $5, while in other jurisdictions it is $5. The card application fee is US$20. And Shift only supports Bitcoin, and the conversion between Bitcoin and fiat currency is free.