Bitcoin pictures

Bitcoin pictures

According to coindesk on December 2, U.S. congressmen have proposed a new bill called "stable currency network sharing and banking license enforcement act", which will require stable currency issuers to obtain bank license and obtain regulaBitcoin picturestory approval before issuing stable currency.

Poloniex will conduct a short maintenance on November 14 at 09:30 on November 15 to prepare for the BCH bifurcation, which is expected to last two hours.

Today's market results for the fall, only Ding Jiayong, he Xiangu currency circle diary two analysts accurate judgment. Nine analysts were bearish tonight. (welcome to the live room at 8:00 every night to chat with analysts face to face! Please add wechat: bishijiesamo)

When it comes to why NBS, which was born less than three months ago, can rise against the trend when the market is declining. The NBS Council disclosed that recently, the community and the Council announced and implemented a series of positive measures: market value management fund settled in Huo yuan, Matcha, AEX and other exchanges to stabilize the market value; internal market stabilization fund increased the depth of internal market decentralized exchange trading; the community adopted official repurchase and pallet plans; and; Cooperate with AEX to open liquidity mining; the new professional app and trading app are about to be developed, which will bring more convenient management and trading experience, and open the USD trading area in the internal disk.

According to reports, FDC is a basic public chain dedicated to building smart phone big data, which provides a new blockchain solution for the future development of data economy and leads the new reform of data services.

According to cointegraph, security researcher Krebs on Security reported that several cryptocurrency platforms hosted by popular hosting provider GoDaddy have been attacked in the past week. The attack began around November 13, with one targeting cryptocurrency trading platforms 。 Mike kayamori, liquid's chief executive, said GoDaddy mistakenly transferred control of the account and domain name to a malicious participant. This action allows malBitcoin picturesicious actors to change DNS records, thus taking control of many internal e-mail accounts. In addition, nice hash, a cryptocurrency mining service, has also been attacked. On November 18th, the company found that some settings of its domain name registration with GoDaddy had been changed without authorization, thus redirecting e-mail and network traffic to the site. Nice hash immediately froze all customers' funds for 24 hours to prevent attackers from transferring funds.

Hayden Adams, founder of uniswap, wrote an article against the view put forward by Sergey Nazarov, founder of chainlink: price sources should avoid using data from individual exchanges, whether they are CEX or DEX. Adams believes that if 95% of the trading volume of a token comes from a single exchange, then averaging it with the other four will reduce the quality of the data. He said that if the transaction volume of an asset in the CEX under the chain is larger, the data of chainlink is very important, but as DEX continues to erode the trading volume of CEX, the relevance of CEX data will continue to decline. Finally, Adams said that AMM (automatic market maker) is still in a very early stage,

As of December 7, the number of active BTC addresses was 871800, an increase of 17.78% over yesterday; the number of transactions on the chain was 307600, an increase of 17.09% over yesterday; there were 613 large transfer transactions with more than 100 in BTC chain, an increase of 30.70% compared with yesterday. The number of eth active addresses was 574800, an increase of 5.80% over yesterday. According to the currency World Research Institute, there is a positive correlation between the activity of transactions on the chain and the currency price.

Even though a large number of new developers have joined, the number of active developers per month remains unchanged due to the massive loss of developers from projects outside the top 200 in market value. In addition, compared with December 2018, the number of project developers outside the top 200 in market value has decreased by 30%. 3. The most active projects for developers are bitcoin, Ethereum and some one-tier blockchain and decentralized finance. The number of developers of bitcoin ecosystem has increased by more than 70% compared with three years ago. More than 300 new developers join the Ethereum ecosystem every month. Since January 2020, the number of active developers in decentralized Finance has increased by 67%.