Track Bitcoin prices

Track Bitcoin prices

The official announcement of firecoin said that the fire currency contract platform will launch fil (filecoin) currency standard delivery contract at 14:00 on December 9. Fil currency standard delivery contract is a reverse contract, using corrTrack Bitcoin pricesesponding digital assets (FIL) as collateral assets. The face value of each contract is $10. It supports two-way transactions and up to 75X multiples.

Alex mashinsky, founder of Celsius network, an encryption lending platform, said that despite his confidence in eth2, it could lose focus if the network fails to expand quickly and effectively. If the capacity cannot be expanded, Cardano and Polkadot may take over.

With the release of the Vth, Bifrost launched the mintdrop (coin airdrop) plan for veh simultaneously. Users can obtain the original BNC of Bifrost by casting the Vth. The mintdrop (coin airdrop) for Vth will last for 32 days, releasing 100000 BNC in total.

Circle launched a major platform upgrade to bring the stable dollar into the mainstream. The core of the circle platform upgrade is the digital currency local treasury account infrastructure (digital dollar account), which enables all enterprises to store value locally in digital currency while maintaining compatibility with traditional electronic currency and payment network.

According to Golem's official plan, GNT will be replaced by GLM in a ratio of 1:1. Chinese currency (ZB) supports this replacement. CNCC will suspend the charging and withdrawal of GNT at 10:00 on December 5; cancel all GNT orders and close GNT spot transactions (GNT / QC, GNT / usdt, GNT / BTC) at 14:00 on December 5; take a snapshot of GNT at 16:00 on December 5, after which the system will replace the GNT according to the ratio of 1gnt = 1glm,

According to oklink data of auco cloud chain, 500832eth has been received from Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address, and 15657 addresses have completed the mortgage of 32eth. 95.53% of the minimum requirements have been met before 524288 ethTrack Bitcoin prices can be used to start Ethereum 2.0 Chuangshi block.